The Foster Parents Support Network” was started in September1998, by a small number of Foster Carers who saw a need for Foster Carers to be better informed about the day to day issues relating to the children in their care and the children’s natural parents.


We, as Carers knew of the difficulties with not being able to access information or training which identified the issues relating to the children’s needs. Without this information, it is very difficult to properly meet the many needs of the children in care.


 Children may come into care for only one night or stay for the duration of their life. They come to us from many different backgrounds, including Drug & Alcohol abuse, Mental Illness, Violence, Sexual and Physical Abuse. Some of these children have very severe disabilities.


How can we help these children if we cannot access the information relating to their needs?

They have their own special needs because of the different problems in their natural families. At times they can encounter their own health issues.


“The Foster Parent’s Support Network” provides telephone support to Foster Carers and wherever possible support Foster Carers at meetings with their Fostering Authorities.




A well-informed Foster Carer can advocate and negotiate on behalf of themselves and the children in their care.


This is the aim of our organisation:


Inform and Support ALL carers  in the day to day care of the Children!



Current Foster Carers run our Organisation. Any donations are gratefully received.


We welcome new memberships to our organization.



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